Hogyan lehet csökkenteni gif fájlt súly kvip

fotó lefogyott előtt és után összehasonlító

Open your file in your file editor and check if you've created a transparent background and exported the file as a GIF. You can learn more about the requirements .GIPHY offers a one-click solution to turn any GIF into a perfectly looped 15 second mp4, that you can upload directly to Instagram.You can create a sticker easily by simply turning off the background layer of your GIF's canvas, and exporting the same way you would.Sometimes you don't want a certain GIF on your account anymore. It's OK, change is a good thing. GIFs can only be deleted.Use Upload to send, store and share GIFs and Stickers via GIPHY! While you don't need to create a GIPHY account to upload, we highly.

Christina Aguilera Fogyás

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